Top 20 But Non-Target

The general rule of thumb is that attending a top 20 program gives you a pretty good shot at the industry. However, there are some schools - namely WUSTL, Johns Hopkins, and CalTech - that don't really fit the mold of a "target school."

It makes sense for Johns Hopkins and CalTech as they have a strong medicine program and STEM focus, respectively. But what's the reason WUSTL doesn't have a stronger presence on The Street?

On the flip side, are there any schools out there that you can think of that does inexplicably well in terms of placement? Thanks.

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Jan 31,2018

WUSTL may not have a strong presence in New York, but it's a target for Chicago recruiting.

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Jan 31,2018

Compared to the likes of UChicago, NU, Notre Dame, does WUSTL get somewhat "drowned out" as a semi-target?


Jan 31,2018

Well keep in mind that a lot of students from the school's you mentioned recruit for NYC positions as well. I just did a cursory search on linkedIn and WUSTL definitely seems to have comparable numbers to NU, ND, and UChicago for Chicago summer analyst positions, although the composition is less IB focused and a more a mix of IB, S&T, and some AM.

Jan 31,2018

WUSTL places better in NYC than you'd think. There are fewer spots to go around but a lot fewer kids recruiting for IB out of Olin, too.

Jan 31,2018