Top Bucket Tech IB Analyst Starting Blog on IB Experience - Welcome Any Questions, Tips, Etc.

Hi all,

I'm a top bucket investment banking analyst at a BB covering the technology sector. In college and during my first months as an analyst, I always wished that I had someone to give me the lowdown on the industry and to help me navigate the difficulties of the job. I've recently started a blog that I hope will do exactly that for those considering or starting in IB. Would love any suggestions for topics that I should cover (ex. funny stories, day in a life, recruiting tips, work-life balance advice, thoughts on tech industry in general, etc.), as well as any IB Q&A you might have that I can address on the website. If you have any feedback or advice for the blog, would love to hear that too. Thanks everyone! 

Apparently WSO does not allow you to post links, so it's sheepofwallstreet and then .weebly and then .com :)

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Nov 24, 2021 - 2:08pm

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