Is it possible for me to get into a Top Consulting Firm from a Non-Target School?


I go the University of Washington. Top 50 School, not quite the hottest recruiting site of top consulting firms.
Graduating Year: 2011
Internship Experience: None (Maybe I need to get started, haven't really looked)

Undergrad Major: Double Major in Computer Science and Mathematics. UW has a Top 6 CS program. I also have an Associates in Business.
GPA: 3.7 (I'm hoping to have this at a 3.8 at the end of my years at UW)

So is there any good way I can get into at Top Consulting Firm? What will I have to do?

If top is very unlikely, what kind of consulting firm will I be more suited for? Are consulting firms like this considered good, or competitive for business school admissions?

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Things undergrads from non-target schools can do:

1) Network your ass off with university alumni and upperclassmen (who will be moving into fulltime analyst/consultant roles)

2) Start a consulting club. Great for skills, personal experience, and meeting consultants at target firms

3) Get a spotless GPA (3.9 and above is preferable)

In your position, I'd focus heavily on #1. At a school like UW (without personal experience), your best bet will probably be boutique/local firms that recruit regionally there and the occasional top-tier strategy consulting firm that has a strong alumni base from your school (again, back to #1).

Good luck.


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You've got a strong double major, but you do need to get your gpa up. Kevin made some great points. You have some work to do, and should definitely be casting a wide net. Look at as many different consulting opportunities as you can for the summer, and start implementing the things you can do now to position yourself better for not only a possible internship, but a full-time opportunity when you graduate.

Here's some great advice written by a McKinsey guy

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