Trade Shop vs Supermajor

I have a FT time offer at a supermajor (Shell/BP) for their development program I also recently received an in-person interview with Glencore for their oil grad scheme(2nd round). I have time to accept the supermajor offer. I want to become a trader but living in NYC would be preferable to Houston (though becoming a trader is the goal). Would you recommend I accept the offer (I don't want to piss them off and it's a great opportunity) or continue with Glencore and try to get both offers before deciding?

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Nov 5, 2019 - 4:24pm

I gotta side with supermajor on this one - especially since it sounds like you're a relatively fresh grad type. A BP rotational is top of the charts when you're first stepping into commodities trading (whether a trading job, front office generally, or any supporting group). I wish I had done a supermajor rotational but now I'm too far in, it'd be an awkward step down. So with my bias now obvious, take advantage of having the opportunity now, do it, and then go on to take pretty much any role in the space at any shop afterwards, esp. so if said supermajor tries to hardball you on a trading seat. BP rotational grads typically go wherever afterwards I've noticed.

Nov 6, 2019 - 8:46am

Would second the comments from EnergyHOU. Supermajor trading programs are much more established than the trade shops that are beginning to start up new grad programs. Historically the trade shops would poach talent from majors rather than developing grads internally. As mentioned a major should be a better place to learn the business. However, I would suggest continuing with Glencore for as far as you can since there's nothing to lose?

If you're open to opportunities in the oil trading world there will be chances in the future as well to move between NYC/Houston/Chicago/London/Singapore.

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Nov 6, 2019 - 4:46pm

I would also say the same as the posters above. Take the Supermajor offer and if you want to get back to NYC after your rotation program you will have a ton of different options to do so.

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