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Hey all, I am looking to become a trader, power, equity, commodity any kind really (wanting to avoid 100% performance based prop trading). I have a degree in Economics and have completed my Canadian Securities Course. I have experience trading a personal equity account with a growth over 3 years being ~80%.

I am willing to relocate anywhere in Canada and was hoping you Canadian Traders could give me some advice on who hires junior traders? Or what other courses I should consider while I continue to job hunt. I understand Calgary is full of energy traders, but am having difficulty landing many interviews.

Any pointers would be great, happy trading!

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Aug 16, 2011

If your in Toronto, I don't mean to sound like a dick but good luck bro

All the boutiques trading teams are tiny. Most traders are traders and sales people doing both roles, generally 4-16 ppl

Your best bet... Locking down a spot with one of the big banks or snatching a spot with one of the energy companies in calgary. I know BP has a huge team there

Aug 16, 2011

Thanks for the advice, I will look carefully into BP and watch for job postings often on my regular searches. Anyone else have tips/tricks/advice? I know there are more Canadian traders on here!

Aug 17, 2011