I am going to intern at the trading desk of a BB next month.. some doubts ..
1. I already have some trading experience already.. now How do i need to approach the internship?? should I start "showing off " from day one.. will it help me? or should make it up as if I am on a steep learning curve..
2. i m new to VBA and macros.. any suggestions or books to learn as much as i can in a week time?
3. are interns generally encouraged to give their opinions on the trading desk??
4. what is the dress code in a trading floor... how many suits will i need?

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  1. Use common sense. Don't act slow obviously, but don't act like you know everything... because you don't and it will piss people off. Be enthusiastic to learn and be sociable.
  2. It might be good to just google it and learn from the code.
  3. I usually handled it as an "If they ask" situation, or if I asked one of the traders I was closer with to give me input on one of my trade ideas.
  4. Only times I needed to wear a suit was for presentations. Slacks and a dress shirt will be the usual attire.

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Revsly knows his stuff. I honestly cringed when I read #1 Don't "show off" or "make it up" just be true to yourself and be honest with what you know and don't know. Your attitude should be "I don't know jack sht, you know I don't know jack sht, and I'm going to sit next to you and listen and learn as much as I can".

Best of luck. sorry if i sounded harsh


For VBA: Albright, VBA For Modelers


Something that worked for me (to show your smarts/view of the market), is ask the trader what HE thinks about a particular aspect (not something generic like US dollar direction), perhaps,interest rate spreads on some swaps contract he's trading. He'll usually follow up with, what do YOU think? BAM! ur in!


I am starting in a similar summer position as a trading analyst on a BB energy desk in Canada and don't really know what to expect.

Does anyone have experience on an energy desk they would be willing to share?
What kind of day to day activities can i expect in a role like this other than P&L, Mark-Market stuff?

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