Hi guys,

I'm about to graduate (Baruch college) with finance GPA 3.6.
Recently started looking for a job, so far I only got calls from insurance companies offering consulting position. But I'm interested to work as an analyst rather then do sales.
Should I just take the consulting job (maybe get some experience and move on) ? Or wait a little? Will it be hard(ER) to get a job as an analyst?


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Why don't you pursue one year masters program at a target school and then you will have better opportunities, hopefully IB? If that's what you want to do?

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there is no right choice here imo - it'll be tough with or without a job. Ultimately you landing a job will probably be a result of networking. Sometimes that network will be from work, sometimes from cold-calling, sometimes an even more random place.

You just have to keep on flipping the coin and wait for a string of luck (which may never come). The fact is the future is uncertain and extremely volatile in your case. (same for me but I did some internships)

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