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I work in Europe. I have 5+ years experience in risk management with a bachelor in Business, a master in Capital Markets and an additional master in Quant Finance. I realized that I would be more suitable for business driven roles and I would therefore consider to leap to a role in TAS regarding M&A of Banks. In the long run, I expect this to open me a lot more doors than just sticking to risk roles and, as I said, I will find it more enjoyable. I have been reading many posts and it sounds the mayority of people at my age are much ahead of me both in terms of certificates and experience within M&A, TAS, PE, Corporate Development. That makes me wonder if it makes sense to even try it out. Let's suppouse I end up in TAS or similar in a senior role and do it for some years, let's say 3 to 5, then I will be around 38 with only a few years experience in M&A etc. Would that mean that I will be pigeonholled anyways or I can still make a lateral move to e.g. PE or Corporate Development.?

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Jun 22, 2019