Transaction Services (Financial Due Diligence) - What did you exit into?

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For those of you that moved on from Transaction Services (Financial Due Diligence) - I'm curious to find out what you went on to do?

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Oct 15, 2018

My first job as doing DD with Big4 for CMBS/CRE/CDO transactions, after burn out I did structured products operations for two years with a big shop, and internally moved to market risk and portfolio optimization group and sailed to sunset... just kidding I am actually moving again to an obsecure risk role at a F100 commercial bank (title is FPA manager but responsibility is still dealing with various liquidity risk, market risk and stress management).

Some of my former colleagues are now in Ibanking post MBA, internal audit, regulatory reporting, with the fed, hedge fund investing, project management with major i banks for the life style, tech product manager, defense and aerospace strategy consulting, VC investing... the list goes on, guess pretty much anything you can put the work to.

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Oct 15, 2018

Thanks - Appreciate the insight

Oct 16, 2018


Dec 23, 2018