Transfer to a Canadian Target B-School

I didn't do well in high school. So I got in Laurier and McMaster Business.
I picked McMaster which is a non-target school. I am an international student so I am paying 42k cad for tuition which is not worth it at all.
I studied hard and achieved a 3.95 GPA in semester 1.
Is it worth it to transfer to Laurier?
It's not target either but at least it's cheap (23k cad). It's world ranking is shit (1200+) so I might get bad looks if I decide to go back to my home country or USA.
Also is Queen's 52k cad tuition worth it?
It will be 30k cad more in comparison to McMaster. McGill is similar and they only care about grades so I have higher chance as grades are my strongest point.
Which school should I go to?
Laurier, Queens or McGill?

I want to work in equity research.


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Jan 10, 2022 - 2:32pm

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