Transition from Renewable Energy

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Hi all,

Been a long time user here and need your inputs,

I am currently working as an investment analyst for a mid-sized fund based in Canada that invests primarily in renewable energy assets (solar, wind, biomass, various different forms of flexible capacity).

My main responsibilities are running the valuation models (project finance) which take up ~60% of my time, drafting IC memos, and being actively involved in various capacities in development.

I was recently sent on an assignment to Tokyo as we have an office there and will be here for the next 12 months. While it's a very rewarding experience and is a great learning opportunity, I am slightly worried as I am nearly a year into my current role and want to switch into either IB or move to a larger, more institutional platform like Macquarie in North America (Canada/US) or Europe (outside of APAC) which have always been my end goal.

To this end, any professionals out there who can give me some sound advice on how I can leverage my background in renewable energy and international experience to land a traditional IB role (or could be for coverage teams in P&U/Renewables) or move to a bigger name like Macquarie which from what I've seen mainly hires from blue chip banking backgrounds? And what I can do from now until my next move to better position myself for an offer?

Thanks in advance!

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Jan 11, 2019