Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to this forum and this is my first post, so let's give it a shot.

Anyways my situation is the following: I'm currently pursuing my MSc at a Top UK University (Oxbridge/LSE). After going through several rounds of recruitment the only viable option I was able to secure was a spot as an entry-level at an MBB.

Now basically the issue was that in the long run I'd like to work for a Global Macro Hedge Fund. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to secure any market side stint at any BB but instead was offered a job in the REPE arm of a BB, which I had to decline due to a collision problem with my masters program. Furthermore, I haven't had the opportunity to intern at any bank or fund before hand but I did some Academic Macro Research during the exchange term at an Ivy League University and I also did an internship at the MBB before my masters.

I'm aware that it my profile isn't necessarily a targeted towards a Macro Fund and I could have done some more stuff in order to land a spot on some FX/Commodities/Rates desk at a BB but that's the past.

Eventually my question is how I should proceed from now on (will only be starting tat the MBB later this year) in order to possibly manage a transition in a few years down the line.

I'm aware that Networking is key here but the question at hand is what should I be targeting: Macro Funds directly, BB Macro Desks, Commodity Houses or what not so ever. I can actually reach out to a solid alumni network, including the Top UK Uni, a Top Business Uni in Continental Europe and to some extent the Ivy League Uni where I did my exchange at (Is a bit harder, but up to now I was usually able to leverage the exchange status and was able to get in touch with quite a few of the alumnus).

Anyways thanks in advanced for all the inputs.


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work at ur mbb then see how things go

who knows whats gona happen in the futrue????

Hedge Fund Interview Course


Sure, not like I'm going to go in there and just chill out. Obviously I cannot say what's going to happen in the future but again if I don't take any initiative nothing will move anyways. I'm just trying to get a grasp of what is realistic: whether it is possible to network yourself into a Global Macro fund with an MBB background or try to rather take a different path through a BB or a trading stint at a commodities house.

But yea I do agree with you, god knows what's going to happen a few years down the line...

Any input would be highly appreciated :)

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