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Hi everyone -

I used to be a frequent visitor to Wall Street Oasis back when I went through on-campus recruiting for IBD internships in 2009 - 2010. I was fortunate to get a FT analyst job at Goldman - and later on, I used WSO to figure out the next steps of my career, which helped me make the transition to a hedge fund.

WSO has been very helpful to me in the past, and over the years, I've tried to do my part to give back to the community with posts like these. (Advice for new IBD analysts, advice for Buyside recruiting - hope they are still useful to a few people reading this post)

I'm seeking the WSO community's help again. This time for a start-up that I co-founded called DeepBench ( . (Today, we are an expert network that competes favorably against the GLGs of the world - and in the long-run we will be an automated platform + community- think LinkedIn but focused on knowledge exchange).

We've been around for nearly 2 years and have dozens of investment firms and consulting firms (and even some start-ups & Fortune 500 companies) as clients.

**I'm seeking user feedback from those WSO members who are currently or have previously been users of traditional expert networks. I'd love to hear your perspective as a user as a way to continuously hone DeepBench's product. **

In return - I'd be happy to share with you my perspectives on working at a fundamental-value hedge fund, attending business school, making the transition from finance to entrepreneurship, (or just life in general! - always glad to meet interesting new friends).

Much thanks!

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Jul 15, 2018