Transitioning from Corporate Accounting in Financial Services to Investment Analysis

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Currently I'm a revenue accountant/analyst for a broker dealer handling advisory revenue, and revenue share on annuities. Im a Level 2 CFA candidate and have passed Level 1 of the CAIA program. On the side I'm involved in handling funds of hedge funds that are winding down and I find it fascinating. I want very badly to eventually make it into alternative investment analysis, preferably private equity, LBOs, hedge funds, or high net worth portfolio management. I know this is a difficult uphill battle, but nonetheless its what i want to pursue. My recruiter says she can put me in front of corporate financial analyst positions for a REIT and a high net worth portfolio management company. Being that I'm an accountant/analyst I am wasting time not building experience in analysis. Should I hold out for an entry level position in investment analysis, such as real estate anlysis, investment banking, etc, or should I be jumping at the opportunities she's presented with the hope of internally transferring? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated on how to go about my search.

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