Transitioning from Energy Division IB SA Internship to another sector possible?

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I go to a non-target in Oklahoma, where I'm double majoring in Finance and Energy Management. I landed an internship as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst in the Energy division at an EB (Guggenheim/Evercore/Lazard) in Houston during the Summer of 2020. I am naturally a pessimist, so if I don't get a FT offer after Summer 2020, what opportunities if any would I have to work FT in IB in another sector besides Energy. I don't want to work in the O&G industry unless it is my last resort due to the market and job outlooks. Ive also seen that many banks in Houston are downsizing their Energy division. Would it even be possible for me to get a FT job in another IB sector, like industrials, TMT, or RE, with having 2 years of O&G industry experience and only 1 summer of IB experience in IB energy division.


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Nov 8, 2019