Transitioning from Top Automotive Company to Top Tier Management Consulting Firms (MBB)

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So, I am currently working full time (3 years industrial experience) at one of the top 3 automotive companies in the US - Michigan - Greater Detroit Area on a the autonomous vehicle which is considered one of the most innovative projects in the worldand currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Michigan -Dearborn in Industrial Engineering (Undergrad through PhD I have GPA : A) which after taking courses in industrial management and operations lead me to apply for a consulting job at McKinsey and BCG, I have not felt any interest in Bain after researching the firm and their culture. I see the deadlines for both companies are July 15 th for Advanced professionals at McKinsey and July 22nd for Experienced professional at BCG. I would appreciate any advise from anyone who has taken that route in their Career. Aside from that:
1-Would the firm exempt applicants from taking the PST or Potential test under some circumstances?
2- Is it a wise step to shoot an email to the managing partner in the area after applying? if yes, what should it contain?
3- Are there any books/references to practice cases?(not buying any coaching sessions LoL, books yeah, websites etc.. but not a person to teach me case studies !) I have finished the online cases posted by the 2 companies, and I do not know if it is just me who found them very easy to tackle and got ~95% same answers without even having any previous idea about frameworks and what not but I have taken a lot of advanced courses in business and engineering.
4- When am I supposed to hear from the companies? I do not have any internal contact, honestly in an attempt to make some connections, I tried linkedin but they are not even replying which is understandable.
thank you in advance for all sound and good advises.

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Jun 22, 2018

This looks like a pretty interesting career move and I wish you the best of luck. As an aside, if MBB recruiting doesn't work out, Leigh Fisher does transportation and infrastructure consulting.

As for your questions:

  1. I think for senior positions you don't take the PST. Would you apply to analyst or associate?
  2. Yes, mention the interest for the practice area, your background and see if they have time for a meeting/call to further discuss the type of work done.
  3. Online resources are the best for cases but honestly on WSO you can probably find a case partner who does it pro bono.
  4. Not sure, I think it depends on the countries and if the position has a rolling basis application or a certain period of time
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Jun 25, 2018

Thank you for the reply. I am applying to an Associate Position.
Basically I wanna get in as a generalist role. I will send one of the managing partners in Detroit an email. Thank you again.


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Jun 22, 2018

You should also pursue Roland Berger (heavy auto focus), Strategy& industrials (they align by vertical, including industrials), and if interested the Chicago offices for Deloitte and ATK. These are all solid firms, very close to MBB in terms of comp/work/etc and provide a strong career path on their own or a potential stepping stone to MBB down the line.

Apply for Bain. The industry is highly competitive, and you'd be surprised at where things take you. If you only get one offer, that's well above average in terms of results, and it's easier to lateral than to work your way up.

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Jun 25, 2018

Thank you. The reason I am hitting top tier only is because I am not fresh out of school and I do not need a job ASAP.
Basically, BCG replied back and they said they will not consider my application for this year and they asked me to re-apply next year just because I do not graduate in 2019, they thought I am not in the workforce and not being able to start a full time job till 2020. They overlooked my experience and that I currently work full time and considered me a PhD student. So you are 100% right, no one knows if an offer would be extended or not especially at these firms where they categorize the applications (advanced degrees, experienced professionals etc...) but Currently I am working in a very reputable company and all is good. if the transition happens it would be great, if not I can re-apply. That is me I always hit top tier (lool).


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Jul 27, 2018
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