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Hey guys,

If you like trap music then give my most recent mix a listen. I made the mix on soundcloud and I'm going to make another soon. I just want to get some feedback on my most recent mix before I do anything else. Any comments/suggestions are welcome. The first 2-3 minutes of the mix goes pretty hard but settles down a bit afterwards.

P.S. I'm not trying to become the next big DJ, making mixes is just a hobby of mine.

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Mar 10, 2016

love your name.

Mar 11, 2016

thanks for the suggestions

Mar 10, 2016

Ok, I officially feel old. I needed to google what "trap music" is. Thanks guys.

Mar 11, 2016

This is not it.

Where's the Gucci?

Mar 11, 2016

The name is new, but this style and tempo has been around since the late 90s. Other than some updated production values, there's little in the genre that you wouldn't have heard circa 2000 in a down tempo pub or coming down off some ecstacy in someone's lounge room around 6am after a night of clubbing, around about the hour someone would rack up lines of GHB on the coffee table.

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Mar 11, 2016

My life has never been nearly that interesting. I was sXe before becoming an emo kid who drank like a fish and cried too much. We didn't do X, clubbing, or GHB... plenty of people smoked weed and some did coke but that was about as wild as my crowd got drug-wise. We hung out at all ages venues, overpriced coffee shops, went thrifting, and got weird piercings/tattoos. We also spent a ridiculous amount of time putting on make-up, trimming our bangs, and scrubbing the manic panic out of our parents bathtubs. Unless this music had yelling, growling, or "deep" lyrics which really made no sense... it wasn't our jam.

I'm looking at a list of popular "trap" artists. I know Skrillex... he's Sonny of From First to Last. That's about it.

Mar 13, 2016

Hey, I'm hijacking your post to ask you something since i can't PM you. You spoke about meditation courses in a past post and the obvious weirdness of the people who took part of it, but, do you still meditate yourself? Just curious.

Mar 14, 2016


Mar 17, 2016