I'm a senior at a semi-target. I'm starting to realize, however, that my chances of entering an Ibank out of my undergraduate are few. So I'm looking for a good: job->MBA->Ibank Associate path.

I'm looking at two positions at Bank of America (yes, I understand they just layed off 30k employees haha.). One position is in Treasury and the other is in Credit.

I have treasury background at a large corporation, however I'm thinking the Credit position is more applicable (credit would be essentially doing analytic and research for underwriting middle-market corporations).

Do you guys think the Treasury or Credit position would be better for my goal of eventually entering an Ibank as an Associate?


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I just stumbled upon this now.. Did you end up taking either of these two positions at BofA? I too had offers for both of these and have since accepted the corporate credit role.

Also, what city/market were your BoA offers for, and what school do you go to? If you don't mind saying..

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