True chances of moving from IBD Associate to PE

The forum seems to suggest that it is very unlikely but if someone were at a top BB and had an M7 MBA with good pre-MBA (though non IB/PE) work experience and wanted to move to PE after associate years - what are the true chances? This is assuming taking a pay cut and moving etc. are not issues - only getting a job at a LMM and up PE fund would be.

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Oct 9, 2017

I mean it's possible but unlikely. I've mentioned before that some associates I worked with got PE interviews w/o pre MBA IB/PE experience.

The real problem that people don't talk about is that PE isn't really a long term career option unless you're already in PE. First you have to get into IB (no stroll in the park), then you have to get into PE (difficult at best), then you have to either have landed in a partner track role or somehow get promoted into a career track position. None of that is easy.

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Oct 9, 2017

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