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In recent year, more and more people start to state that MBA is costly and useless. I do not support this argument so much, as I think it provides you with good network, can help to switch geography/industry, can be a break-off from work etc. And with all of this hiring people diverse backgrounds in typical post-MBA careers such as IB/PE, MBB, it seems that so role of MBA is diminishing. Again, all don't completely agree with that, because if your undergrad is not good enough, MBA may help you to put your shoes into the doors. Just interested in your opinions on that as I am well sure that you are way more informed in MBA than me, most of you already have MBAs. Thanks

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  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Jun 5, 2021 - 3:32pm

For people that have already made it to IB/PE/MBB out of undergrad and have a great undergrad pedigree, the MBA is not useful unless you have some specific goals (ex. social impact and Yale SOM). Couple this with the fact that Harvard and Stanford have gotten brutally difficult for the typical IB to PE candidate and as such many PE funds are now direct-promoting or you can lateral, there's no reason for someone like this to go "down stream" to a Booth or Sloan or Kellogg, again especially if they have a top undergrad degree.

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