Turnaround Strategies for Distressed Companies

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What are some of the common turnaround strategies for distressed companies and what books can I read that cover the topic from a practical perspective.


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Feb 6, 2019

Kamoroun, have you checked out these or run a search:

  • Distressed vs. Credit vs. Special Situation vs. Turnaround PE credit arms, but what are the big names in special situations and turnaround PE? Private Equity ... come with maturity, a business in distress usually comes with a turnaround opportunity and maybe ... a special situation. A special situation doesn't always have to be distressed though. I'll try to ...
  • Distressed debt / special sits investing- On the job job 4) Is there a real difference between distressed debt and special sits investing? I feel like some ... opportunities. While there is an abundance of information on PE as an exit, the info on distressed debt or ... special sits is more limited. Can someone shed some light on some of the following questions? 1) Is ...
  • Goldman Sachs SSG (Special Situations Group) I'd appreciate any insight into how this group operates or looks for candidates. Goldman Sachs Special ... short story is that it isn't as much like working for a distressed hedge fund as it is working for ... basic IBD questions, with a few geared toward deciding how you would invest in a company. For example, ...
  • Distressed HF- professional background for analysts vs PMs companies in financial distress for potential restructuring mandates. I realize that hedge funds play an ... people at distressed HFs. I read a lot that M&A and LevFin are the most popular backgrounds for ... analysts at distressed HFs. But what are the typical backgrounds at the PM level? For example in macro HFs, ...
  • Direct Lending--> Distressed/Special Situations Investing Hey guys, I've been interested in distressed / special situations investing for over a year ... ultimate long term goal is to work for a distressed / special sits fund. My main questions are: How ... suggestions. Distressed Debt special situations hedge fund Direct Lending Special Sits deep value Event-Driven ...
  • Seeking Capital for Distressed Companies Doing $500K-$5M in Sales, Phoenix, Arizona Looking for capital partners to invest along side me in small distressed businesses in Arizona, ... typically doing between $300K-$2M in sales. turnarounds Asset based lending ...
  • Special Situations/Distressed PE- strategies? process? Do most distressed/special situations PE funds strategies lie in using their network/i-bankers to ... source companies that need an equity infusion or might be a good loan-to-own bid? It seems like such ... strategies. If anyone who works or has decent exposure could chime in I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks. ...
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Hope that helps.

Feb 12, 2019
  1. Corporate Turnaround by Donald Bibeault - The foundational work turnarounds.
  2. Reversing the Slide by James Shein - excellent.
  3. Turnaround by Arnold Goldstein - anything from Arnold Golstein
  4. Be Your Own Turnaround Manager by Bob Foster
  5. The Turnaround Survival Guide by David Silver - anything from Silver
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Feb 13, 2019

Thanks for this

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Feb 13, 2019

Distressed Debt Analysis by Stephen Moyer. Great read. Very useful to understand the credit buyside view.

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Feb 14, 2019

Not sure why this was monkey shit but yes Distressed Debt Analysis is the classic must read fundamental textbook. Not strategy but great for understanding the fundamentals.

Feb 14, 2019

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