Two MBAs?

I emailed Warwick to ask them what chances I had for their masters in finance or accounting and finance. They said neither due to my lack of quantitative modules, however, they said I have a decent chance for a Msc business with finance and said I could apply for that (…). I'm a 1:1 finance and accounting student going to my third year of university. 

I want to get into private equity, however, first I want to do a few years in investment banking. I heard that to succeed in private equity you need an MBA. Having searched a lot of Linked In profiles, this seems true, but maybe things are changing. I might need to do an MBA later on in life, which I would love to do. Doing this masters at Warwick would allow me to have a good chance breaking into big 4 or top ten finance companies, since I come from a very low ranked university. The benefit of this masters would be that I go to a good named school, and Harvard or Wharton would be able to consider me. 

However, the very obvious downside seems to be that this is a masters in business (really it's a masters in financial management). Does that mean MBA programs will not consider me (as they don't like applicants with pre-existing MBAs) if I have this masters? I know it's not an MBA, but it's a masters in business. Or have I gotten something really wrong here?

What should I do?

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Sep 6, 2021 - 9:18pm

Go for the MSc.

Doing an Msc (in business) and eventually an MBA is perfectly fine. Your plan is not comparable to doing two MBAs, which is just not done.

As long as the Msc is in a target school and you can land a good job after, you should be in a decent position for an MBA

I wouldn't worry about this Msc degree impairing your ability to eventually do an MBA, I would worry instead about getting the best job you can after.

Best of luck!

Sep 12, 2021 - 4:03pm

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