Two Undergrad Degrees in Economics Plus Ivey or try to get into MSF?

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I have currently completed two years of my four year bachelor program as a Canadian student at McMaster University in Canada. I am pursuing an honours degree in Economics with a minor in finance.
I am currently taking a year to catch up on finances which i poorly managed my first two years as I went a little overboard with partying and spared no expense on fine cigars and alcohol. My first two years I switched around from business to political science to doing random courses in the social sciences. I have decided to pursue a degree in economics as I already have two years worth of credits which I can use towards this degree and the fact that I believe it will serve as a solid foundation for a career in banking which I am pursuing. I had a very poor gpa my first two years, in the vicinity of 3.1 .
Now, I have taken a year off and managed to intern PwC since December 2015 and have a contract until the beginning of May 2016. After that I plan on getting into their summer internship program as I have already applied internally and was told I have a very high chance of being accepted taking into account the fact that I am already an employee. My question is whether I should finish my degree and apply to a msf program or attempt to get into Ivey after completing my four year program since Ivey only looks at your most recent 10 credits which amounts to last 2 years? If I stop fucking around and put my mind to it and achieve a GPA of around a 3.6/3.7 my last two years, should I go for another undergrad degree at Ivey or kill the qaunt section of the GMAT and pray to some higher power I get into a decent msf? My end goal is investment banking and then potentially PE.

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate any insight on the matter!

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Feb 23, 2016

Dude. Do your research.

"Students in their third year or higher of a commerce program at another university are not eligible for the HBA program."
Deadline was Jan 29 so you're already too late.

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  • Anonymous Monkey
  •  Feb 23, 2016

I am not in a commerce program as I am in economics which is a bachelor of arts. As for the deadline I am well aware of it and will not be applying until I graduate with a bachelor of arts in 2 years, hence my question of whether it is worth it to apply to essentially another undergrad program, Ivey, or apply to get my masters in finance? End goal being IB eventually PE.

Feb 23, 2016

Like the previous poster said, you missed the boat on HBA admissions. If you really want to get into IB, then kill it at PwC full-time and apply for an MBA in 2/3 years.

Feb 23, 2016

I appreciate both of your inputs, however I am in economics which is a bachelor of arts and is part of the social sciences and not a commerce program. As for the admission deadline, I am well aware of it but I still have two more years until I complete my undergrad degree in economics, after which I hope to have two years of strong grades. My question is basically if I finish my 4 year economics degree would it be wiser to apply to Ivey or apply for a master in finance, with my end goal being IB? I also live in london,ON, so I would only be paying tuition without other costs as I would be living at home. The reason I have not applied to Ivey as of yet is because my grades are not up to par. On their admission site they say 80+ in last two years to be competitive. The reason I am asking all of this now is because I am off from school until september so If I were to do my masters now would be the perfect time to study and write my GMAT.
Once Again thank you for your insight,


Feb 23, 2016

Honestly your only shot at IB (and its a long shot if you go down the accounting road) is MBA -> associate. Assuming you entered uni at the normal age you'll be 25 by the time you graduate from Ivey or MFin. By then most people your age would be considered for promotion to associate, promoted to associate, or more likely have left and replaced by a 22yo. You also don't have a great story to explain your age (e.g. military service, pro athlete etc...)

So to answer your actual question. Neither will do anything for you (and they could actually hurt). An MBA is your best shot, with some really good work exp.

Feb 23, 2016

Im not dead set on accounting I just happened to come across the opportunity. So you really think I would have minimal chances of IB even if I were to get into a top tier MFin program just because of my age? Do you think it would be possible to network my way into a finance internship with my economics degree or even network my way into a ib job straight from my undergrad with only a Honours econ degree from a uni like McMaster? Im just starting to wonder if my age will really be looked down upon as you mentioned as I clearly overlooked that fact. Fuck!
Either way thanks for your honest feedback

Feb 23, 2016

MFin to IB is pretty rare from what Ive seen. I've personally only seen it done once, and that was after the guy had some experience under his belt. So he pretty much just replaced MBA with MFin in my scenario. With your grades and program (you're not in Comm) I think it would be REALLY difficult, not impossible, but its a long shot. There are Comm kids with better GPAs who aren't going to break in. Mac's rep on the street is also pretty weak when it comes to IB.

The main problem with being an MFin guy and 25 is that you're in that weird place where you're too qualified to be an analyst, but you're not qualified enough to be an associate.

Feb 23, 2016

What about Private equity? In your opinion do you think PE would be a better way to go with mfin? As a side note out of curiosity What do you think is the most financially rewarding career path I would be able to pursue in finance with my current standings, making the assumption that I get a very competitive gmat score and 3.7/3.8 final GPA my last two years? I know that most people discourage going into a field for the money but that is my sole motivation in addition to the fact that I am genuinely fascinated with finance. I have been reading a few books a week on a regular basis in regards to economics, business and finance and enjoy them very much. Also if you wouldn't mind chiming in on what you would do in my situation if you have some spare time.

Thank you once again!

Feb 24, 2016