Uber employees can finally sell their stock. Well...

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Quote from this article on The Washington Post.

Uber's valuation is down 44% at $26/share:

At the time, Uber's valuation was around $68 billion. It is currently worth $45.9 billion, based on its Wednesday share price, about 44 percent lower than its IPO valuation.

They owe taxes based on $45/share:

One Uber employee who joined pre-IPO says they were given an offer sheet that assumed the stock price would range from about $40 on the low end up to around $100. The dip in price was made worse by the fact that employees owe taxes based on the IPO price of $45 a share.

Some Uber employees think now is the best time to join, because there is only going to be "upsides". Thoughts?

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Nov 8, 2019