i was wondering if anyone knew what the conversion rates are going to be for this summer (2011). Do they differ if you are the only intern vs a formal training program? I am a paid intern is Asset Management doing investor services but I am the only intern. Any input would help. thanks.

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I'm think of trying an USB Asset Management intern in the fall. No idea about the conversion rates. Are you a rising senior?

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hey yea I am. I am looking to get a job offer before I go to school but I'm not sure if I even have the possibility of that. I am a paid intern and I was under the impression that all paid interns have a possibility for a job offer. The thing is that I am the only intern so it is not a formal training process whereas across the hall theres 180 Ibanking interns that all have shots at full time


Good for you, man. I think you can get this kind of job if you keep working. Normally, those asset management guys are pretty laid-back, they don't want to recruit new person because it really takes time to get those training things done and I believe they don't have that kind of patience. For IBD, it is a little bit different, because most work are pretty easy and no matter who try to do this, just need a short time to get on the track.

I've PMed you. =)


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