UBS Wealth Management SA in Weehawken

Anyone have any experience with this SA?

It is for the private wealth management division of UBS, but not in a branch office, but at their PWM headquarters in weehawken. Any different?

Exit opps after this kind of SA? I am interested in moving to Asset Management or research.
Decent internship that I can turn into FT offer at a different division?

What should I expect going into this interview?

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Jan 25, 2012

I believe it would lead to the GTP (graduate training program). Rotate through a bunch of different ops roles during your 2 year period in weehawken. Not exactly sure what you would be doing as an intern during the summer

Jan 25, 2012


Right it does feed into the GTP program for fulltime. Are you familiar with it? I heard it rotates through various analyst functions in UBS PWM. What do analysts do after the 2 year stint?

Jan 25, 2012

Is this the pure Wealth Management at NJ, or is it something under the Wealth Management umbrella at UBS (eg Investment Products, Operations, Risk Control etc). It is a good feeder to the GTP, since you rotate around the different groups at UBS: Research, Client Associate etc. After two years, if you're good, you pick a permanent group that you would want to be in.

Jan 26, 2012

I don't have a lot of knowledge but I used to know a bunch of GTP's. I know they rotate for two years throughout different departments within the the UBS WM home office. I have seen people rotate from operations/product control/compliance to different sales desk as well. If you're interested in PWM/WM it seems like a pretty good gig and you will get a lot of networking opportunities.

After two years I actually am not sure what happens. A few people I knew stayed on and took different roles throughout the firm, I am not sure if its guaranteed or based on performance/need/fit etc.

Jan 26, 2012


It is under the large UBS PWM division in the NJ, Weehawken headquarters. I believe there are quite a few functions under it. Do you have any insights on the Wealth Management GTP? Would it be a good program for someone interested in eventually doing ER, AM, HF's?


Thanks for your insight, appreciate it.

Jan 26, 2012

Wealth Management GTP is pretty selective from what I heard. But it is a great learning experience. The problem is, most of the rotations are back/mid office roles (wm ops, risk, control, finance, control) but there are some interesting FO roles (research, Banking product development and investment product development). After two years, you will get hired for a permanent role as associate director.

ER not realy. If you end up I'm Wealth Mamagement Research, your research will only be distributed to internal wealth mgt clients so you won't have much street cred.

AM it would be good. UBS is strengthening their wealth management arm so I am sure you can transition into AM. They recently hired a lot of good wealth managers from MSSB and BAML

HF, not too sure. depends on what you want to do I'm a hf. But it will be hard.

Jan 27, 2012