UCL vs. Cass vs. Imperial

Dear fellows,

I have a decent profile in terms of CV - M&A top-tier BB/EB internships, mid market private equity, big4 advisory & startup - plus okay grades (fullfilling 2:1, German BSc. from non-target, convertable to a GPA of 3.3/4.0). Furhter I wokred as a tutor in a finance elective at my university and an more or less "interesting" career path (from discontinuned study in physics to economics).

However never took the GMAT and I hardly believe I will ever do..

As far as I know, GMAT is not a hard cirteria/required for these schools named above

Received offer for CASS in Jan., send out UCL application for MiM programm in Feb.
Considering to apply for Imeperial Acc. & Finance or Mgmt. Masters by the end of the week

Anyone here, who is familiar with all three schools?

Seeking for a short profile evaluation for UCL and in specific for Imperial - any chances to get in without GMAT with good essays, very supportive LoR, quantitive background, CV etc.?

Which program will get me a foot in the door at major BBs the city?


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Mar 27, 2018

Your profile seems strong. The difference between the UK and Germany is that most people stop after their bachelor in the UK where as in Germany Masters are important from my understanding. Hence having a summer lined-up before your master would give you the opportunity to have a FT offer directly.

For the undergraduate level UCL/ICL>Cass for IB. However I would recommend doing a Finance masters not a Management one. Hence I would say apply to imperial and decide between Cass/imperial.

I have no clue for your chances of getting in, a quick look on LinkedIn should do the job. But from the various profile I have seen you should be good. Maybe @princepieman can help on this one?

Mar 28, 2018