(UK) Law graduate - next steps and other options

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I'm currently finishing up the Legal Practice Course (LPC) after my LLB undergrad in a top UK uni/college. To become fully qualified you normally need 2 years of training called the training contract in a law firm.

I had a training contract in a City law firm (not Magic Circle or US law but still sizeable and had international offices), and they sponsored me for the LPC. However, for failing one exam once I was dropped - they took the opportunity to cut costs as they weren't doing so hot on revenue and profits. Luckily they aren't pursuing me for fees they paid on my behalf.

I'm a British citizen so no Visa issues, though Brexit is making it a bit more difficult to find jobs. I often thought that my people skills and my understanding of business were far superior to my legal knowledge, so I am open to exploring other career paths other than law. However I know that I have pretty much pigeonholed myself into law with an undergrad in law and lots of internships in law (a few banking and professional services ones scattered in early years at uni), so I would like to be realistic in assessing my strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Questions I'd like to ask are:

Would it be better to qualify as a lawyer then make the move into other areas? FYI applying for opportunities now means waiting 2 years as City law firms recruit 2 years in advance, or applying to smaller or regional law firms for more immediate vacancies.

Or should I take the risk and look for other opportunities? How realistic is it for me to be able to make the move into other areas like Consulting? Is it better to make the move after qualification?

I'm still young so waiting 2 years is ok but I would like to spend the time in a meaningful way to build upon my failures and successes. My key career goal is to get as much exposure to businesses and the workings of businesses.

Thank you for your time.