[UK] Moving from FTSE100 Corp Reporting Function to Commercial Manager

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Post big4 ACA qualification I've done about two years of Financial Reporting and now I'm trying to move into internal Commercial Finance at a FTSE to broaden my CV (and get away from auditors)

Ive got an interview coming up for a 'commercial finance insight role' the problem is that these roles appear a bit more wooly than the standard financial reporting jobs.

I feel like I have the fundamental skills for the role but there is clearly a knowledge gap - can anyone kindly direct me to some good resources for learning about the metrics/ kPIs / P&l focus applied in Insight Commercial Finance role - for example in a telecoms company?

tldr: Moving into a more commercial role but need help finding resources to narrow the knoweldge gap so I actually have a chance during the interview x

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Apr 20, 2018