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Rising sophomore at the University of Michigan here, double majoring in Econ and Data Science. I've recently developed an interest in finance, and I'm considering working in IB after graduating (ideally at an EB).

My GPAs on the lower end, though (3.5-3.6). I took the toughest classes in my school (Data Structures, Intermediate Microeconomics etc) because I initially wanted to get into tech, where GPA isn't as important as it is in finance.

Internship-wise, I'm currently working at a Big 4 company (got it through connections) in an international office, and I'm hoping to go back there next summer (since I won't be returning to the US in the fall, I cant intern there next summer). On campus, I'm involved in a consulting club (I've done some SWE stuff too, but I'm assuming that's irrelevant now).

Of note - since I entered college with no credits and I'm double majoring, I'll take 4.5 years to graduate, giving me another summer.

I'm looking for tips on how to maximize my chance for landing an SA role post junior year, and ultimately a full time offer. Sorry if this post is nebulous - I'm just looking for some steps I can take to put myself in a better position by junior year. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Jul 12, 2020 - 2:39pm

Probably best thing would be join one of the finance/IB clubs on campus. Also, you have a good chance of doing two IB summer internships since you're graduating in over 4 years.


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Jul 12, 2020 - 6:11pm
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