UNC Kenan Flagler Undergraduate for Real Estate

Hey everyone, I want to pursue Real Estate in the future and I was wondering how good Kenan Flagler is (undergrad) for real estate. I'm not sure if the school is better to work for a brokerage or a Real Estate IB group. The end goal is to start up my own brokerage / real estate tycoon (ambitious, I know). I'm still waiting on other colleges but as of right now Indiana University Kelley is also an option. Thanks for the insight. 

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Feb 24, 2021 - 2:56am

Very good program. Good IB school for BBs (specifically MS, BAML, Goldman, Barclays, DB) and lots of people in REIB groups there. Eastdil also hires a lot of kids from UNC. Buyside is possible as well (especially in the south at like Greystar, Crow etc.). A few have gone to the big shops out of UG as well, including BX and SWOOD.

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Feb 24, 2021 - 3:12am

Can echo what was mentioned above. Strictly in terms of IB recruiting, we have a very strong presence at GS, BAML, MS, DB with a couple kids placing into Gugg/UBS/Barclays/CS/Citi each year. Wells is probably the most popular place to be with some other MM presence (HW/WB/Truist). About 2-3 kids total at EBs. I was once considering IU as well but ending up here because your future is not tied into getting into a single club (IBW at IU) and has stronger presence in the NY scene in banking.

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Feb 24, 2021 - 7:27am

Former UNC guy in RE here. Stumbled into RE IB as an intern and then dove head first into the RE department. UNC has a top notch RE branch at the undergrad and MBA level. You learn / get exposed to a ton. It even has a student driven REPE fund comprised of both undergrad and MBA students. 

Once you graduate, the network is still there and willing to help. I stay in touch with some of the department members still and definitely used them when I was leaving IB

I take it you're an out of state kid - as was I. Assuming you get into KF, it is worth every penny. Good luck man. Getting in out of state and the B School is tough but very doable and sets you up nicely. 

Slight edit: my only regret is that I wish I stumbled upon RE as a career sooner and took classes there first thing than after my internship. You're ahead of most there. 

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