underage and in the city

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so like many of you on this site, im gonna be working in nyc this upcoming summer. unfortunately, im only gonna be 20 yrs old while the rest of my friends and everyone else at work is 21+ and generally really outgoing- i.e. they like to "have fun". i dont wanna be the outcast and would like to go out w/ everyone and have a good time- and for me drinking isnt even necessary- i just wanna be out. would it be ok for me to go out w/ coworkers and enjoy myself, with or without drinking even tho i am underage. also, do alot of the rush hour places nyc professionals lime to visit check id's


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  • eyelikecheese
  •  Dec 26, 2010

They were pretty anal about checking ID's when I was up there. I think it was a little more relaxed during Happy Hours around the NYU area, but it was all a haze anyway

Dec 27, 2010

what's so hard about copping a fake id..?

Dec 27, 2010

Some check, some don't. I always got carded less when I was coming from work , though I don't know if it was being dressed well or being surrounded by older guys that did it. Bars and clubs that do check ID card everyone, regardless of whether or not you'll be drinking.

One of the interns with me in NYC was 20, and nobody thought poorly of him for not coming out -- it wasn't his fault. I won't recommend a fake ID, but chances are your coworkers will go to someone's apartment for drinks throughout the summer, and you should definitely go to those, even if you don't drink, just so they don't mistakenly think that you don't like them or something.

Dec 27, 2010

I wouldnt recommend a fake ID to go out with co-workers, and I think they will understand if you can't go out with them.

However, I would say get a fake for going out with your friends when your free, NYC is the best place to have fun, make the most of it!

Dec 27, 2010

I had a fake ID (late birthday) but I'm also a girl so it's a bit different. It's more awkward when you're at work events and get some sort of indicator on your name tag that you're underage...

Dec 27, 2010

My friend runs an event called Internbar every summer look it up

Dec 27, 2010

i def dont want a fake - can u guys imagine being called out on it by a bouncer in front of everyone from work. but do bars really check id's during rush hour?.. i'd be fine as long as i can be let in, (i'd just sit there and chill or order a coke or w/e)

Dec 28, 2010

Plenty of places that don't card too hard, but definitely figure out a way to get a few years older for going out with friends. As far as going out with people from work, use your own discretion, older guys would always just get my stuff during happy hours anyways and they will understand your lack of age as they too were once in that situation. Don't think being called out by a bouncer in front of people from work would be a major issue, may actually create dialogue and/or a relatable funny story. I was in the same situation a few years ago and all of my roommates were actually 21, its somewhat necessary to gain a few years in the city, and can be done fairly cheaply. Best of luck.

Dec 28, 2010