Undergrad Acct, MBA Finance to I-banking???

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Okay, so my school isn't a target school for Finance majors. Most likely, I won't get a good finance internship, such as PE, or IB internship.

But my school is a target school for Accounting majors. I was thinking about getting my undergrad in accounting. Hopefully, intern at one of the big four firms. Then my plan is to get my MBA on Finance (hopefully wharton or nyu) and try to land a I-banking job or quant analyst.

I'm only a sophomore in college. Do I have more chances of getting my dream banking job if I go the accounting major route???

I need some career advice. Ultimately, I have to change my major which is a major decision of my life. Thanks a lot guys.

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Feb 7, 2011

You can get an ibanking internship just network you're still a sophomore with plenty of time to do so

Feb 7, 2011

Transfer to a target, even if is sets you back a year. As a sophomore, it's too early to resort to 4 years of boredom to MBA to where you want to be.

Feb 7, 2011