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I'm at a crossroad in my undergrad career. I am majoring in finance at a non-target state school (Clemson) and enjoy it. I hate my accounting classes, and can definitely tell I prefer finance over accounting.

I have to pick one of the following emphasizes for my remaining 2 years of college. Which one would you recommend? I want career flexibility with my emphasis, and a job that pays well (of course). We apparently have a top 50 undergrad financial planning program. Though, I'm not exactly sure what direction I want my career to go in, but I'd appreciate any advise. Thanks.

"Financial Planning Emphasis: Learn how to determine whether and how an individual can meet their goals through the use and management of financial resources. Once you complete a specific set of courses, you'll be eligible to sit for the certified financial planner (CFP) examination.

Real Estate Emphasis: Discover how to provide analysis and advice on the acquisition, sale, or management of both commercial and residential real estate.

Corporate Finance Emphasis: Learn how to be an analyst responsible for capital investment valuation, financing analyses, financial forecasting, business performance and assessment or reporting.

Financial Services Emphasis: To prepare you for your career, you'll be armed with the analysis and sales skills needed for involvement in analysis, management or sales within a bank or investment company."

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Jul 20, 2018

I'd go corp fin or financial services but corp fin would be best imo.

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Jul 20, 2018

May I ask why you say that?


Jul 20, 2018
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