Undergrad: Feedback on NYU Stern and Georgetown MSB

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Hey everyone,

I'm a freshman at a non-target and I'm seeking to transfer to either Georgetown MSB or NYU Stern. I'm leaning towards Georgetown as of now (I loved the campus and my credits are more likely to transfer completely as I go to a Jesuit univ). Regardless, I was wondering if some people could put some input into these schools (preferably people that actually go to these schools now) regarding recruiting, quality of classes and curriculum, overall culture, and the quality of finance clubs/EC. I know people around here tend to keep their school confidential so a pm is fine.

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Jan 17, 2014

I don't go to either, but from talking to people on the street, I have found way way way more NYU alums. And they all have helped me out, and I'm a non-target with nothing in common with them. Ofc if you go to either Stern or Gtown you will have to be in the top 25% of your class...which is tough

Jan 17, 2014

Both do very well on the Street. I'd say even better than some top Ivy's for IBD. I'd definitely give the edge to Stern. Sternies are everywhere. However, the "Stern curve" is no joke.

Jan 17, 2014

Between these two, I'd recommend going with the school you'll feel happier at. Stern is a banking machine, but also because everyone there wants to go into IBD. You'll have to be top 10%, and you'll have to deal with an entirely different college experience. Some like it, some won't. I think cutthroat is the wrong word to describe it - the better word is intense and focused. Sure, Stern has the edge in raw alumni figures (Gtown does have a couple strongholds though), but the disjointed and competitive college experience often means they'll be less willing to help. Georgetown has great placement, but more importantly my opinion, there seems to be a very tight alumni bond. The latter might be more valuable in the end, because you only need one job.

Ultimately, if banking or accounting is your sole life priority - you'll probably get a better finance education at Stern. And if you're at the top tier, the hive mind is going to keep you tightly on the banking track. It really makes me wonder though what kind of crazy ass kid would be passionate about banking in high school.

And just remember, the general commonality to the people who fail in college isn't a lack of ability, education, or recruiting events, but emotionally instability, which can be greatly worsened if you're in an environment that you're not happy in.

Jan 17, 2014

visit both campuses and like Sav said, maybe go to Georgetown because you'll feel more at home. Stern you do have to be at the top to land stuff.

Jan 18, 2014

Thanks for the replies everyone. Although Georgetown is definitely no Stern, it still has solid recruitment for FO roles right (that's what it seems like from past posts)?

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Jan 18, 2014

Gtown does extremely well. I'd say this is more dependent on your personality/how outgoing you are. The city is a lonely place if you're shy, but the networking opportunities/school year internship experiences you can pull off will help you get a leg up vs your peers if you're willing to hustle and grind it out.

Jan 18, 2014

Anybody know how recruitment for consulting roles is at MSB (if it is existent)?

Jan 20, 2014