Undergrad: How much debt are Northwestern-Brown-Cornell worth over UMich-Ross?

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If any. I know ballers here might think a $7-10K/year swing is nothing, and maybe it isn't in high finance. But kids can change their mind, maybe not get into finance, so that $30-40k could take longer to payoff. Could be adding years of interest if student ends up in law or grad school, Peace Corp, on and on, who the heck knows.

Anyways, how much better, if at all, are the three privates over a Ross BBA?

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Feb 8, 2018

If you want to end up in finance, I think you can do just as well if not better coming from Ross. However, the strength of the BBA is that you learn a lot of applied business skills that allow you to much quickly ramp up when you start which is very attractive to employers that have smaller intake and can't organize a 3-month training process to show you accounting, finance, etc. However, because the program is so focused, you lose of lot of the optionality that a regular BA offers so applying directly to med school for example wouldn't be possible since you wouldn't be able to take the required pre-med classes.

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Feb 8, 2018

I agree with everything you said besides for your last statement. I know plenty of kids who did other things (e.g. one went to med school, a few law school, etc.) but it requires an active focus to dual major and is a time commitment. You can definitely go to other schools/professions but most people get lazy and end up sticking with just a BBA unless they have a strong interest in whatever the other degree/major is that they are pursuing.

I see 0 upside to going to any of those schools you listed over Michigan if you are planning to go into a business career (banking/consulting/s&t) and in fact think Michigan has a better network than all of those schools.

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Feb 8, 2018