Undergrad intern promoted to associate analyst - advice

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Hey everyone,
I am an undergrad in finance, began an internship in about 2 months ago at a boutique investment firm, and was promoted to an associate (I don't have my certs or anything yet, though) about a month ago.
I'm just wondering if anyone would have any resource/book/website recommendations for anyone who pretty much knows nothing about the job (besides what I've learned so far from the job, the basics)
But still being an undergrad, there is still a lot about the market in general that I haven't learned, things that would just make everything I've learned from the job make more sense. I got my promotion from being a very quick learner and they see potential.
I am also working in the enterprise software/business services industry and if anyone has any resources for that, I'd be forever grateful, as well.

I don't know what I could do in return, karma points?
Thank you!