Undergrad or MBA route?

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Ok so looking at my undergrad performance im not really in line to be getting an interview with MBB however i could get an interview at a second tier firm, and Im one of the stronger case interviewees at my school. My goal has always been to do MBB and then move onto VC or PE so should I take my shot at a second tier firm or should i get a CA, then my MBA and try for MBB later? Can second tier exit ops get me to where I want to be? Any help would be appreciated

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Dec 14, 2011

Second-tier firm hands down. The CA (if you're referring to the Chartered Accountant designation) won't be very useful for you. Second-tier -> MBA/MBB is reasonably common as far as I know.

What I can tell you is that CA -> MBB doesn't happen, while CA -> MBA happens pretty often (in Canada) - but only to Canadian MBA programs. CA -> H/S/W are rare (if at all possible) - Columbia/Booth/Stern are a little easier, but still very hard, especially with a weak undergrad.

Hope that helps.

Dec 14, 2011


Dec 14, 2011

what are your stats?

Dec 14, 2011

yah numbers will help build a better picture for these guys to give you some advice... and what school?

Get it!

Dec 14, 2011

This Canadian shit has me confused... but go to the second-tier firm and try to lateral before your MBA. If you work at MBB after your MBA, you're going to be better suited to portfolio group opportunities at PE funds, not the deal side. Exceptions apply, of course, but if you can get to MBB before your MBA you should do it.

Dec 15, 2011

Well im at a Canadian target, looking at a 3.5GPA, my first year party phase ruined my grades. Fairly active with EC's and a bit of Financial Summer work

Dec 15, 2011

Make sure you don't underestimate the chance of breaking into PE/VC from a "second-tier" firm. If you're talking about Parthenon, LEK, or KSA's PE advisory group, I have interviewed with funds employee former associates/analysts from all of those firms.

I wouldn't go into this job with the assumption that you need to go "2nd tier" --> MBA --> MBB --> PE/VC

Instead, I'd focus on being outstanding at whichever firm you'll join, work on some due diligences for the experience and the resume value, and try to go PE/VC directly. If none of those options pan out, you would also be able to recruit for PE/VC directly from b-school.

I would treat joining MBB post-MBA with the goal of leaving for PE/VC as the last choice, both because that makes chronological sense and because post-MBA consultants at MBB don't have much stronger of placement into PE/VC than the top bschools do directly. (Bain may be an exception, although the consultants I know from Bain in PE all started as ACs...)

Dec 16, 2011