Undergrad planning on going after full time MBB roles but confused about when to apply

From my understanding, the recruiting process starts in the Fall with applications due in August/September. However, there are also July deadlines for undergrads seeking full-time consulting roles at least for McKinsey snd BCG. I have no idea when to apply. Will there still be August/Sept application deadlines as well? Should I go ahead and apply in July? If it helps, I'm applying to NYC, another competitive east coast office, and then probably a southern office that I think is maybe at least slightly less competitive. I'm a social sciences major (not econ) at a low/semi-target school, so I feel completely left out of the loop. I've managed to talk to a few people from my school who have been successful in the recruiting process, but it's obviously been hard to connect with COVID. 

As I previously mentioned, I'm not from a business background at all, and all of my experiences are politics/research-oriented, so I've been working hard to learn what I need to know about case interviews. Would anyone be able to offer insight into when the best time to apply would be? If I were to apply in July, the interviews likely wouldn't take place until August or September, right? And if anyone has any advice for how to at least get a first-round interview with a non-consulting/business/econ/finance background, it'd be greatly appreciated. 

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May 30, 2021 - 7:12pm

Re:timing - Because you mentioned your school is a low/semi-target, you should be asking your school's career center to connect you with your school's campus recruiters to answer the timing question. Presumably the answer is fall because that's when on-campus recruitment happens AFAIK

Re:getting an interview, referrals. Also go through the consulting subreddit's wiki & look at the resume guide to make sure you're best positioning your resume. After you use the reddit's resume guides to revise your resume, have it reviewed by those you know in consulting in order to refine it

I wouldn't be too self-conscious about not having a business/econ type background, that's not a very important factor

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