Undergrad Poli Sci major and Econ minor trying to break into finance

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I'm currently going into my last year in under grad as a political science major and Econ minor and I was wondering what do I have to do RIGHT NOW and in my LAST YEAR of college to break into IB or consulting after graduating as the major/minor listed above without really any relevant internship experience.

Other Background Info: I went into college thinking I wanted to go to law school but at the end of my junior year I decided against it and have now decided to focus my attention on breaking into finance (I know its kinda late). I go to an elite public university (think UCLA, Michigan, UVA, UNC, Berkeley) and have a 3.1 GPA. It's already too late to change majors and I am not considering doing a masters in finance or management.

Bottom Line: Looking for professional advice for those who have been in the same situation. What do I do and how do I go about doing it?