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I am a transfer student coming from a CC in NJ. So far I have been accepted into Rutgers (state school/ fall back) and USC Marhsall. As of right now I am looking at the full sticker price at both to finish my last 2 years of undergrad. I am still waiting on decisions from Georgetown and Villanova as well. I need some help in deciding where to finish my undergrad.

I know placement for a finance student at Rutgers is dismal, so if I attend RU I'd focus on accounting and try and break into the big 4. On the other hand, if I attend USC I would want break into anything finance related (which I have more passion for). I've read online that USC has a solid reputation on the West Coast and has a lot better placement for finance.

Finishing my last two years at USC would put me well over 100k in debt, while I might be able to get out of Rutgers debt free (instate tuition/savings/ future internships). Basically my question is, would making the big leap out to Southern California, taking on the debt, and pursuing a career in finance outweigh staying instate and focusing on accounting? Thoughts? Thanks.

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May 8, 2015

depends on what you want, friend.
I understand that 100k is a crazy amount, including additional living costs in California.

take out future internships because you better find internship if you're in USC Marshall.

You should also try asking USC about your financial situation and see how they may re-evaluate their aid offer

May 8, 2015

USC is definitely not worth $100K in debt. Few if any colleges are. I'd go to Rutgers and perform well there

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May 8, 2015

Thanks guys. I was actually just accepted into Georgetown MSB as we speak! I am definitely leaning towards Georgetown now.

May 8, 2015

You should definitely attend Georgetown. Congrats on getting in. I'm not affiliated with that school in any way, but I'll admit they have (surprisingly) great placement on Wall St.

May 10, 2015
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