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Hello everyone.

I am a High School senior that is very interested in getting into investment banking. Ever since I had an interview with 5 investment bankers (2 MDs, 2 VPs, and an associate) at a boutique, I've been dead set on investment banking. If not investment banking, then I would want to be a lawyer working with the legal side of the deals.

I'm wondering where I should go for my undergraduate years. Here are my stats.

3.802 unweighted GPA. (Upward trend)
29 ACT
A few clubs, a 1-2 honors classes a year, an academic award.
Starting this school year I have a part time job (13 hours a week) and a leadership position. This is the first year any club at my school has had leadership positions available to students.
I will have outstanding recommendations.

I was thinking of attending Indiana University in Bloomington. Their investment banking workshop is the selling point. Yet is there a better school for investment banking that I could stand a reasonable chance of getting into?

Another thing, should I be a finance or economics major? I'm taking honors economics now and enjoying it a lot.

If my chances at banking are shot now, should I consider changing the focus of my ambitions to top corporate law? After all, the dice may have been cast for my chances at Harvard undergrad, but they have not yet been cast for Harvard Law.

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Sep 30, 2009 - 5:52pm

no chance at the ivies or basically any target. retake the act.

if you're instate, you might get into umich like dealz said, but its 50/50. also, there's no way you'd get into ross, so you'd have to work your ass of freshman year and hope you can do an internal transfer since non-ross kinda sucks.

youd probably get into indiana. some banks recruit there, but its very limited - you need to be near the very top of your class to get considered.

common theme - you're gonna have to work really fucking hard from here on out, something you don't really seem to have a track record of doing. also, retake the act. try the sat, too - sometimes ppl do better on one vs. the other for some reason

Sep 30, 2009 - 6:54pm

Thank you for the replies.

I will be retaking the ACT on October 24th. It really is the last chance. The test dates past that will be too late for my score to make it to my application.

What kind of ACT score would I need to be competitive for a school that is a true step up in investment banking recruitment from Indiana?

At Indiana I will get direct admission to their business school. Aardvarkaa, that is the vibe I've been getting with Indiana. If your at the very top of your class, you can get into investment banking. Yet that beats other skills in which there is no guarantee.

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