Unique Family Story - How to tell the world about it?

One of my family members has an extremely unique life story. This person was involved in multiple historic events and had a personal relationship with one of the world's most notorious people. This person's stories are truly amazing. A good comparison would be the story of The Machine Gun Preacher but less violent.

There even was a movie about this said notorious person with class A Hollywood actors and the protagonist has the same occupation that my family member had. Except that protagonist is completely fictional and he happened to have the same occupation as my family member completely by chance. The odds are that producers don't know anything about my family member. 

I've been interviewing my said family member - recording videos and collecting photos as evidence. 

I believe this person's story is something that the world should know about. Just not sure where I should start. I can try to hire a writer, send a report some big name journalist, try to get on the Joe Rogan Experience, etc...

If you were in my position what would you do?

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