University of Miami MBA a good school for investment banking?

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I want to go to school at the U of Miami and then move into investment banking in Paris. Is this a good school?

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Jan 10, 2019

I would say it is not a very good school for your goals. If you want to do banking in Paris, I would look at top schools in Europe or a top 10 or 15 program in the states with a very good brand (Duke, Berkeley, NYU) if not an M7 school

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Jan 10, 2019


Jan 10, 2019

Someone else literally posted about UM last week - would use the search function of the forum.

Generally, if you are not looking at the Harvard / Standford / Wharton set, you should set your eyes on a target / semi-target school with a strong undergrad or MSF program (several of which do a combined degree program to get your B.S. and MSF simultaneously). I would look at UVA, IU, UF and Vanderbilt.

Jan 10, 2019