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As an aspirant investment banker, it is my earnest desire to attend the University of Oxford's Said School of Business's Masters in Financial Economics; however, I see myself in a predicament, as after assessing my profile, my chances of admission into this program look rather bleak and meagre. After having graduated an American university ranked in the top 40's with a grade point average of 3.2, and extensive yet rather brief work experience, mainly in the form of unpaid internships, I have yet to secure full time employment at any reputable financial firm, which much to my detriment, puts me at a disadvantage in the applications process, as I will be competing with applicants who have 2+ years of work experience. Although the internships that I have completed are quite colorful and varied; I have worked in Hong Kong, New York, and Los Angeles, these are ones that would typically be given to undergraduate business students in their penultimate year of study, and would not suffice as work experience, as I have never worked as a full time employee. While I am aware that the Masters in Financial Economics program does not require work experience, they would favor such an attribute on the application. I am yet to sit the GMAT; however, given that I score in the 90th percentile, would I be able to suffice for a low GPA and a lack of credible work experience? Do I stand even the slightest chance of entry? What would be your recommendation as to strengthening my chances for entry after assessing my situation?
It is a long coveted dream of mine to attend the Masters in Financial Economics program at the University of Oxford, and I would like not be dispraised if any words of encouragement cannot be offered.

Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 20, 2015