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Jul 2, 2018


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Jul 2, 2018

time to start networking then lol

Jul 2, 2018

complete non target but is respected as a great private school. if you're there def find all alumni on the street and network! (source: lived in VA my whole life and am very familiar w/ the school)

Jul 2, 2018

Definitely a non-target for NYC IB, and a bunch of interviewers have never even heard of the school because it is so small and not a top liberal arts school like Williams/Amherst/etc. However, a target for solid MM IB like SunTrust and Harris Williams in the south.

Overall, only 3-4 kids per class get NYC IB and 4-5 southern IB (charlotte/atlanta/richmond). Majority of the banking offers go to kids in a particular club there. Would hustle to get in it if you're either a rising freshmen or sophomore.

Jul 3, 2018


Jul 13, 2018