Hey all,

I study Sociology on the west coast and recently finished final rounds in NYC for HR at BlackRock but did not receive the offer unfortunately. However, they called me back the next day letting me know of another first round opportunity in SF for Internal Audit, if I would be interested. The recruiter said the team saw my resume and were impressed, so I take that as a good sign.

I was super thrilled and even though this is just for the summer analyst position and not part of the founders scholarship that I originally applied for, I am super excited for another chance with the company and want to have all my bases covered. I have extensive work experience within public sector work, so my background is not accounting or finance based but I am good with things like communication, teamwork, regulations, compliance, protocols, being diligent with my work processes and the like. My intended career track isn't to make a bunch of money or chase status and whatnot, I would be happy with being able to secure a full-time role I can succeed in after graduation.

So if there is any tips or advice, I welcome them! Anything I should keep in mind or be on the look out for, I am doing as much research as I can on glassdoor and different IA blogs but some of the focus on accounting/financial statements and the like can be discouraging. Not that I would be bad at it but I don't want my studies and past work experience to be a deterrent because I am willing to learn and apply myself in any role. Thank you all.

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newswimmer, sorry about the lack of response. Maybe one of these topics will help:

Any pros willing to rescue this discussion? @proetcontra @thorekka @dazedmonk

Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

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