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I've been reading through all the posts on WSO about MSF programs. It seems like a lot of the information is extremely scattered and/or out dated. I'll start by simply recapping what I've seen. Note: not interested in FE programs only MSF or a commerce program with a finance track like at UVA. 

Tier 1:

  • MIT: Sloan - Great program, not sure how quantitative
  • Princeton - Quant heavy
  • WashU - Offers several tracks, international heavy
  • Vandy - Great program, more traditionally finance
  • UT - Up and coming, program needs time to mature (info from several years ago)
  • UVA - Commerce program with finance track, great program

Tier 2:

  • Boston College 
  • Tulane 
  • Villanova 
  • Syracuse 
  • Purdue 

I'm interested in finding out if I roughly have the tiers right, not trying to make an exact ranking. Also, if I've forgotten any or included a quant/FE program (except Princeton obviously) please let me know. Would like to come away with an up to date list of traditionally finance heavy programs that offer good OCR.

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