Updating Contacts at Other Firms after Receiving SA Offer?

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I recently received and accepted a summer analyst offer at an Ibank. Throughout this recruiting process, I have reached out to numerous alumni to try to get interviews. Some of these conversations resulted in interviews, or resumes being forwarded on. Normally the conversations ended with the alumni telling me to keep in touch.

Now that I have this offer, I was just wondering if it is typical for people to email these alumni contacts at other firms, thanking them for their advice and letting them know I found a spot for the summer.

Thanks for your help.

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Comments (3)

Feb 23, 2009

Most definitely. Try and get together with them as well if you are working in the same city.

Feb 23, 2009

Yes. Keep them in the loop with occasional emails and let them know what you're up to. Remember that this is still just an internships and you might want to do something different after.

Feb 23, 2009