URGENT - help needed please...

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Hi guys,

Just approaching the end of my first year of an MBA course at a top-3 business school in Europe. Second year approaching and I have 2 options for the fall semester:

  1. an internship in the internal M&A / corporate investments team at a major chemicals company (US$25bn market cap)
  2. an exchange programme abroad at Wharton.

I'm already set for the summer at a BB investment bank in their M&A team (I want to do M&A full-time post graduation), this is for Sep-Dec 2010.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks...

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Comments (4)

Mar 29, 2010

Maybe you could give more information to get specific advice.
What was your experience prior to the MBA?
Do you have a particular interest in the chemicals sector or are you looking for generalist/other M&A after your MBA?

Mar 29, 2010

Sure thing,

my experience was investment banking, but more equity research related. Done that for 5 yrs or so, but crisis constrained any move into M&A.

I wanted to get some "industry M&A" experience under my belt, as opposed to working with an i-bank...could be useful in giving me a more rounded perspective of m&a and extra experience.

I have to essentially weigh that up against doing a 10-week stint at Wharton...and before anyone asks I did apply for a full-time MBA gig there and got dinged.

Mar 29, 2010

I would go with the abroad experience, you already have a BB gig lined up and unless you think you won't nail it and get FT then there's no real reason to do M&A again in my opinion. I think some abroad experience will set you apart from other candidates more.

Mar 29, 2010